Tuesday, April 24, 2007

according to darwin, i should be dead

So we have the pleasure of having T&E class in a different room today. I sit down at the seat I find the most agreeable to my head angle/typing/make-it-look-like-I'm-paying-attention tendencies, and start trying to plug my computer in. It doesn't work. I try my neighbor's outlet; it doesn't work.

Like the genius I am, I start jiggling the plug in the outlet, trying to somehow work the plug into the actual outlet. After about a minute, I feel a strange sensation in my thumb. You know, where I got shocked.

By a faulty outlet.

In the law school.

One of my friends in class told me that she thinks that I got shocked because the law school is mad at me for hating it so much. You know, like that episode of "The X-Files" where Mulder and Scully are in the middle of Florida on the way to an FBI retreat and end up getting attacked in the forest by the invisible spirit of the trees that has come to life to attack people.

Maybe the next time I sit down to watch "The X-Files", I should really think about picking up a book on electric wiring. You know, since my tuition apparently doesn't pay for someone to come into the law school and fix that sort of problems.

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