Monday, May 07, 2007

the obligatory exam-related rant

So today, for the third time in my law school career, I failed to finish an exam. The worst part was that it was in a class where I felt really comfortable with the material, I'd been reviewing constantly throughout the semester, and I was very confident about my ability to handle the exam.

Boy, was I wrong.

I don't know if it was about an hour into the exam (when my coffee started making me nauseous, forcing me to complete the last three hours with the exam having some sort of lactose intolerance issues) when I realized I was royally screwed.... or if it was looking at the exam in retrospect when I (a) failed to complete 2/3 of a question, and (b) discovered that I broke out into stress-related hives all over my neck that I realized just how bad it was.

But it was not good. Very, very not good. So not good that it was, in fact, bad. So bad that I wish that I had pass/failed Evidence instead of Trusts & Estates...because I don't think my GPA can handle the grade that I just got on that exam.

(If I had the capabilities, this would be the part where I post video of myself waving my legal career goodbye...or video of myself watching my legal career as it circles (and eventually goes down) my bathtub drain.)



At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the anon who sent you the link to the evidence stuff on that other web site, I simply refer you to my pass/fail advice from several posts ago and say in a sarcastic voice...I told you so:

Pass/Fail Evidence. The exam last year was a nightmare. He has no grasp of how long the questions should take to answer and thus gave us a supa-long exam.

T&E take for grade, but do a stupid law in action bs paper (you wouldn't necessarily need to do the assignment, just write something up as if you did) to build favor points with Erlanger and get the participation points.


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