Tuesday, November 29, 2005

can you be famous for being a squatter?

Evidently, you can. What's worse is that I think that the old "fifteen minutes of fame" adage is now "fifteen years of fame".

I was late (read: skipping) Contracts this morning and watching whatever was on TV when I turned it on...some courtroom show kind of like Judge Judy, but with an even crazier judge. (He was carrying a stick that said "JUSTICE", so you know he's a good one.) While the judge went into chambers to deliberate (read: take a leak), there was someone in the gallery taking questions from the audience, not unlike Maury Povich. And who, I hear you ask, was the correspondent in the audience?

None other than the world's most infamous squatter, Kato Kaelin.

That's right. Kato. Freakin. Kaelin. Apparently, they're still giving him jobs on television - and in a courtroom too, because he knows about as much about the law as the judge who carries a "JUSTICE" stick.

If that wasn't funny enough, the judge came back and decided that, since boht parties had a legal claim to the piece of land in question, they should fight over it. As in a real fight. As in, the judge had them set up a tug-of-war pit, coated the rope with baby oil and chocolate syrup, and made the parties play tug-of-war for the corner of the sidewalk they were fighting over.

Judge Harry T. Stone, move over - I think I found my new hero.


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