Saturday, November 26, 2005

i won't pay rent

I went to see the movie version of Rent a few hours ago... now, I saw the stage show down in Norfolk when I was 17, and my friend Patrick definitely shed more tears than I did.

Six years later, Rent broke my previous record for the earliest point in a movie at which I started crying. (Elizabethtown, in Milwaukee, a week after my birthday when I was good and homesick and watching a movie about families in the south and going home again...sodding Cameron Crowe...)

(Opposing counsel has just objected because that tangent was completely irrelevant. I'll go back to making my point.)

I made it about fifteen seconds into Rent when I started bawling like a baby. Something about those opening notes of "Seasons of Love" (which was at the beginning of the movie, instead of immediately after Intermission) made me lose it. Fortunately for me, I had plenty of extra napkins on hand, because otherwise I would have left the theater with dried tear-streaks down my face.

The point of me telling you this? Well, (1) to say that I think that the movie is definitely worth watching, and (2) to point and laugh at my own inability to maintain my composure during a movie. This is why I hate going to movies that I know will make me cry with other people. It's so much nicer to not have to explain my sappy nature to others.

And yet, I decided to put it out there, on the Internet, for all to read. Come, revel in my weakness and lack of sense.


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