Sunday, November 27, 2005

obsess much?

I love watching Fox's NFL coverage on Sundays - I learn all sorts of stuff that makes me mad. This week, it's Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden, who was on the Oakland Raiders' coaching staff in the 2001 season.

Apparently, Gruden is still upset about the infamous 'tuck rule' call during the AFC playoffs that year. As in, he apologizes to players who were on that Raiders team for that call, and he blames that game for his having to uproot his entire life and move to Florida from Oakland.

I was watching that game. I've had many discussions (read: fights) about that call. IT WAS AN INCOMPLETE PASS, okay? Tom Brady's arm was in motion. At the point where the ball was knocked loose, you didn't know whether he was going to ground the football or not. The arm was going forward - as far as what you knew on the field, he was passing the ball. The officials confirmed this based on a reasonable view of the evidence, and decided that the evidence showed beyond a reasonable doubt that it was an incomplete pass.

People need to stop being haters just because Tom Brady is better than every other quarterback in the NFL (yes, I'm perfectly aware that I'm making that statement in Packer Country). If it were John Elway or Brett Favre or Peyton Horseface Manning in that situation, people wouldn't be talking about it and showing replay after replay of that call to this day.


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