Saturday, November 19, 2005

i'm an invertebrate and i'm okay...i work all night and i sleep all day

So I'm trying to finish the final draft of my Lemon Law memo for Tuesday, and I just realized that my citation grader circled a bunch of stuff on my citation first draft. Now, normally, I'm happy to receive constructive criticism...

But not when someone tells me to correct something that I've already done correctly.

I really hate Wisconsin's public domain citation crap. But our citations teacher told us that we could use either "[year] WI/WI Ct. App [case #][pinpoint paragraph]" OR "[volume #] N.W.2d [page #][pinpoint paragraph]". And it's in the handbook that the law school provides.

So I use the Northwest Reporter public domain form, and the citation grader tells me that it's wrong - that I shouldn't be using paragraphs with the Northwest Reporter, only public domain. But THERE IS A PUBLIC DOMAIN FORM THAT INCLUDES NORTHWEST REPORTER!!!!!

I almost wish I knew which one of the 250 or so 2L and 3L males was my citation grader so that I could ask him exactly what I did wrong. Whatever. I changed it anyway...because even though he still gave me a perfect grade, I don't want to be marked down for not changing something that he told me to change.

Write this day down as the first day that I didn't refuse to change something out of principle because it was already correct to begin with.

(Not only has law school cost me my soul, but I've apparently also lost my spine.)


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