Thursday, November 17, 2005

don't be that guy

there are a couple types of people in this world that i really, truly hate:
- the people who refuse to stop talking on their cell phones while in line at the grocery store
- the people who refuse to tell their screaming children to shut up
- the people who spend entire concerts with their cell phones raised high in the air
- the people who wear the shirt of the band they're going to go see in concert
- the people who tell you that they're going to call you and never do (i.e., men)

i went to the bon jovi concert here in mad city last night, and became one of those people.

yes, ladies and gents, i am a cell phone holder-upper.

i don't know if it's because i'm such a nice person that i wanted my sister to hear the entire concert since this is the first one she hasn't been able to attend with me...or if it's because law school has killed every last bit of my soul and left me an empty shell of a human being that really doesn't care about looking ridiculous. but there i was, standing for two hours with my cell phone raised high in the air as i rocked out to every bon jovi classic, from "runaway" to "it's my life", from "bad medicine" to "always"...

and the entire time, i couldn't help but think about how badly i would want to smack myself if i were up in the audience and i saw myself standing there with my cell phone in the air. (if you need me to diagram that thought, let me know.) seriously, the court should sanction me for such violations of the laws of propriety. or maybe 12(b)(6) me for failing to be awesome.

i wonder if there's a way i can roto-rooter the law school to get my soul back.


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