Wednesday, November 30, 2005

your slogan here

The state of New Jersey is asking residents for suggestions for a new slogan to replace the oh-so-catchy "The Garden State". (Evidently, having Zach Braff write and star in a movie with your slogan as the title does nothing for tourism.) Even though I have never lived in New Jersey, I've ridden down the Jersey Turnpike, and therefore I think that entitles me to suggest a few new slogans for the acting governor's consideration...

- I'd rather be in Delaware
- Once you Turnpike, you never go back
- What exit?
- The Giants and Jets really do play here
- Cheap parking for Manhattan
- At least we're not Staten Island
- Don't mess with me - I know a guy...
- Come for the Aqua Net, stay for the airborne disease
- All the really good Ben Affleck movies took place here...except for Jersey Girl...but that wasn't because it had "Jersey" in the title. Really.


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