Tuesday, November 29, 2005

will work for starbucks

Someone should really tell these Lexis and Westlaw representatives that I really don't need two shiny new water bottles just for coming to their career services class.

Now, Starbucks gift cards - that's what I need. That's all I want. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

But during the course of the class, I realized something very important: all of the firms that I found during my career search are part of the 100 largest law firms in the country. This means that I won't get a job with them (1) because I don't go to a top-15 law school, and (2) I most likely won't be in the top 25% of my class.

Now, Starbucks - I could work at Starbucks all summer and have all the coffee I want. And - bonus - I'd probably be able to network with the stressed-out overly-caffeinated lawyers who hit Starbucks before work.


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