Monday, April 17, 2006

mondays blow

Today, I missed not one, not two, but three (yes, three) buses: the bus to the gym, the bus home from the gym, and the bus to class. So my hour-long workout this morning became an hour-long workout plus another hour and fifteen minutes of walking up and down the streets of Madison (25 minutes of that in cute shoes that bloodied my feet on the way to class).

I am sitting in my fourth-to-last Crim class of the semester with a massive headache. And nausea. I'm trying to decide if I'm getting sick again, or if I just need food wicked bad. I hope it's not me getting sick, but the fact that I spent the entire weekend (Thursday night - Sunday night) on the couch and the fact that I was only awake for 9 hours yesterday would say otherwise.

But seriously - why do I go to Crim? It's completely useless - I can't remember the last time I actually learned anything in class...and my "not learning" has nothing to do with the fact that I watch baseball on during class. I think we've finally caught up with the point I reached in the reading a week and a half ago, which means that I *may* need to start reading again. If I feel like it. Which I don't.

And to all of the gunners who picked the day for our Crim review session - look, I understand that you want to have your weekends free. But some of us have Cubs tickets for that Friday, and unfortunately can only attend the review session if it's on a Saturday. So thanks for basically forcing me into the back end of the curve. I really appreciate it.

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