Tuesday, April 11, 2006

random observation

Every course evaluation I've ever done has some sort of question regarding to rank that particular professor's ability to get you thinking about the course outside of class.

After I hastily marked my Property evaluation with a low score, I got to thinking (which is always a bad sign).

Does it count if the professor gets you to think about the course in a negative way outside of class? If so, I probably should've marked my Property evaluation with a very high score, since I've definitely spent many hours outside of class lamenting every second I spend atop of Everest listening to the Death Eater ramble on and on whilst hoping to not get openly ridiculed.

But if it only counts if I talk about the "substantive course material" outside of class like some gunner, then forget it. I have better things to talk about - like what I plan on watching on TV tonight.


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