Wednesday, April 05, 2006

first-degree intentional musicide

Over Spring Break, my desire to not do work got me hooked on American Idol for the first time since the Clay-Ruben Showdown of '03. Now I can't stop tuning in...or, at least, flipping back during "Gilmore Girls"'s commercial breaks.

At the end of the results show tonight, Ryan "Giant Tool" Seacrest announced that next week's show would feature the music of Queen.

And at approximately 8:30 CDT this evening, Freddie Mercury started spinning in his grave so fast that they could light the entire Vegas strip for a month.

(But seriously - WHY? Is nothing sacred to the idiots in charge at FOX? Is that a stupid question?)

I should be writing my oral argument for Saturday (since I've been told that I should not blow it off for the Cubs game) and working on catching up in Property. But the glowing box with the moving pictures (and Milo Ventimiglia) has captivated me yet again.


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