Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the world's worst stalker

My sister relayed the following conversation from an athletic training conference she went to today:

Principal: Do you know where King William is?
Sister: I grew up in Mechanicsville. (next county over)
Principal: Lee-Davis or Atlee?
Sister: Lee-Davis.
Principal: What year?
Sister: 2003. My sister graduated in '99.
Principal: What's her name?
Sister: [Dangerous Mind]
Principal: Oh I remember her. I taught her in math class.

So my sister calls me to tell me this. She gives me the name of the teacher. I then proceed to list off all of my high school math teachers, as well as my study hall teachers - none of whom were this man who honestly believes he had me in class.

So either (a) this man remembers hearing my name thrown around in the tales of my athletic and academic awesomeness and thinks he had me in class because it's the logical belief, or (b) he was stalking me, failed miserably (ending up in Virginia's farm country instead of, well, the Midwest), and is trying desperately to cover his tracks.


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