Friday, March 17, 2006

march madness in high definition

Does anyone remember the CBS four-game split-screen? Those were good times - you'd be sitting in class in high school, and the teacher (if the teacher was nice) would turn on the TV so you could all watch the games, and CBS would show one game for a few minutes, then go to a split-screen on which all four could be seen, then flip to one of them if they got interesting or if, say, the University of Richmond was about to beat South Carolina.

I'm really frustrated that CBS doesn't do that anymore. However, I noticed yesterday that CBS's basic affiliate and CBS-HD show two different games. So here I sit, with one game on the big screen, and the other game on the picture-in-picture screen on my parents' TV.

Side note: Wisconsin basketball is terrible. I'm so glad I didn't even blink twice in picking Arizona. It would've been nice, though, if UNCW and Winthrop hadn't blown it at the end...

I should probably start writing the brief that's due on Monday afternoon.


At 2:04 PM, Blogger some guy said...

Wow. Where did you go to school? Your teacher let you watch the NCAA tournament, even for a few minutes? Lucky you.


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