Saturday, March 11, 2006

my property professor is a death eater

I decided to skip my last two Property classes of the week to come down to Texas for Spring Break. I left my house Thursday, a little before 4pm. The chain of events went something like this:

4:20pm - get dropped off at airport by KB.
4:22pm - realize that I left my purse in back of KB's car.
4:24pm - start begging people for cell phones so that I can call my cell phone in the hopes that KB will hear a phone that isn't hers and come back.
4:35pm - KB brings purse back to airport; get back in line
4:37pm - start fighting with United Airlines agent because he won't ticket me for my Denver-Austin flight, because my Madison-Denver flight has been delayed to the point where I'd miss my connection by four minutes, and United refuses to hold planes.
4:50pm - give up and take last ticket for the Denver-Austin flight leaving 10:30 the following morning
7:30pm - arrive in Denver ten minutes ahead of schedule; race to see if I can make the flight I was supposed to be on that was leaving at 7:40pm.
7:35pm - get to gate; discover 7:40 Denver-Austin flight left fifteen minutes early.
7:45pm - arrive at customer service; realize that the Denver-Austin flight stranded no fewer than half a dozen people who were either in transit or at security.
7:46pm - get even more peeved because they would've moved me back to the 7:40 flight. Get excited because I can still get a flight to Dallas that lands at midnight CST.
7:50pm - fail to convince parents to drive 4 hours to pick me up in Dallas. Glumly take voucher for discounted hotel stay.
8:45pm - arrive at hotel in Denver.
9:05pm - realize that I left my contact lens case in my checked baggage, which is conveniently back at the airport.

...the next morning...

8:00am - leave hotel in Denver.
8:45am - make it through security; discover that 10:30 flight to Austin now delayed until 10:55am.
8:55am - find an outlet to plug in DVD player and watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
10:06am - Harry Potter ends. Put in Pride and Prejudice so that it's loaded when I get on the plane.
10:30am - wonder why we're not boarding yet.
10:40am - 10:55 flight now delayed indefinitely because a crew member decided to take the day off.
10:41am - get angry and cranky, partly because of the flight situation, and partly because I'm beginning to feel like Nick Nolte's Mug Shot.
10:42am - laugh at situation, because I would already be in Austin had the previous night's plane been delayed this long.
11:30am - decide to forage for food.
11:45am - go to bathroom
11:46am - my flight's boarding! hooray!
11:47am - realize that my boarding pass fell out somewhere between the foraging and the bathroom.
11:48am - panic
11:49am - find boarding pass back at newsstand. Am informed that they would've reissued the boarding pass at the gate and let me board without coming back to look for it.
12:05pm - plane fina-freakin'-lly leaves Denver
3:30pm - plane lands in Austin. Surprisingly, my checked baggage survived it's night's stay in Denver.
3:48pm - realize that, if I had left Madison after LR&W on Thursday and driven, I would've arrived before my plane ended up landing.
4:00pm - arrive at parents' house, a full 24 hours after I left Madison.

As soon as I realized that I wasn't going to make it to Madison Thursday night, I determined that this was some sort of punishment for me skipping Property on Thursday. After watching Harry Potter, I decided that my Property professor is in cahoots with Lord Voldemort, and conjured up the previously-unknown Fourth Unforgivable Curse - the Flight Delay - in order to make me regret conveniently skipping my on-call day. When I get back, I'm gonna see if I can talk someone into sending him to Azkaban.

Happy Spring Break!

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