Tuesday, March 07, 2006

he died - you win!

I realized about twenty minutes ago that former Minnesota Twins star Kirby Puckett passed away yesterday from a stroke. I remember watching the '91 Series when the Twins beat the Braves in 7 - back when I used to root for Atlanta because their AAA club plays in Richmond (in the ghetto, mind you)....there's really no point here, other than it's sad that a good player that I watched when I was a wee lass has died.

I'd also like to apologize for the insensitive title of this post. Lemme just preface this by saying that I couldn't think of anything better, and so I used the title of a gimmick that I used to listen to on DC101's "Elliot in the Morning" (i.e., Howard Stern Lite). Whenever anyone of note died, the next broadcast they'd play a trivia game about that person's life entitled "He Died - You Win". So, like, "Robert Palmer: He Died - You Win!" or "Ronald Reagan: He Died - You Win!" (those are the two that stick out in my mind...I think I remember a Robert Pastorelli one, also)... but that's where I'm coming from here. Except that I have no Kirby Puckett trivia to accompany the title.

Side note: now I miss listening to EITM...and I wish I was back east so that I could go to Kegs & Eggs this year - Soul Asylum is headlining this year with Carbon Leaf. Good times.


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