Tuesday, February 28, 2006

if i thought about law school this much, i'd be in the top 10%

The only thing better than an all-new "Gilmore Girls"?

An all-new "Gilmore Girls" followed by "The Amazing Race". Gone are those stupid families - we're back to all-out war on season 9 of TAR. I would've watched more of the first episode to continue my study of TAR techniques for when I'm on the show one day, but I was watching the episode of GG that I taped while I was at the International Law Society meeting earlier.

People need to learn that Tuesday is my TV night and schedule accordingly. But whatever.

"Gilmore Girls" was fairly underwhelming, save the part where Sebastian Bach performed a cover of "Hollaback Girl", which marked the first time that I didn't want to puncture my eardrums as some sort of Pavlovian response to hearing that song. Mostly, I spent the whole episode wondering if they're really the whole "use an object to cover [lead actress's] stomach because she's knocked up but the character's not" thing with Lauren Graham (Lorelai), or if the fact that her cute outfits have suddenly been replaced by overflowing shirts and oversized trench coats is costuming's lame attempt at following trends...and basically, I'm really unsettled by the whole thing because I still have nightmares about the horror that was "Sex and the City" Season 5, and the outfits they put SJP in when she was pregnant.

Just based on the bits and pieces I saw of TAR, my early favorites are BJ and The Bear Tyler, mostly because they look like they just came back from Bonnaroo. There's the one couple who not only look alike, but both happen to look like Julia Sweeney's Pat character from "Saturday Night Live", which is disturbing on several levels. And, of course, the obligatory Team of Slutty Young Women and Team of Horny Young Guys are present and more disgusting than ever.

And I think I have avian flu.


At 11:53 AM, Blogger None said...

I hate Logan! I'm so mad at him. I didn't really like him before this, but now, ugh! Bring back Jess, I say. He was an asshole, but he had potential.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Dangerous Mind said...

I agree completely...the only problem is that Rory and Jess would technically be step-cousins (or something) once Luke and Lorelai get married, and I think that would be taking the whole "family drama" thing way too far into the West Virginia realm...


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