Tuesday, February 21, 2006

mindless drivel (as if there's any other kind)

My thoughts on this year's Olympics? Dick Button is a crazy old man. After devoting much time to thinking about this subject, I still can't decide where to rank him on the list of Most Annoying Sports Announcers, including such names as: Tim McCarver, Stuart Scott, Hawk Harrelson, and Billy Packer. He's got Packer and Scott beat in my book...I think his man-crushes on every Russian male singles skater parallel McCarver's man-crushes on Derek Jeter...but are the hours of mindnumbing analysis of figure skating more or less tolerable than McCarver's shocking lack of baseball knowledge or that god-awful "He Gone!" home run cry that causes my remote to change the channel off of WGN whenever the Sox are on (disregarding the fact that my remote is also a good Sox Hater)?

On the PILF Chili Cook-Off...
Me: Do I still have to pay if, say, I want to bring my own chili from home, heat it up in the microwave, and eat it by myself while sitting in the atrium at the same time the chili cook-off is going on?
D: Yes.
Me: I have to pay to sit in the atrium and not participate? Are you kidding me?
D: But it's for charity.

Of course, my attitude is probably because I'm completely indifferent any time I see anything related to public interest law - I can't help it if my former firm job instilled in me a love for screwing people over.

"If any of you don't have an underage drinking ticket, we probably made a mistake letting you in here." ~ Crim Pro professor, on the answers he generally saw on the "full disclosure" section of law school applications.


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