Tuesday, February 14, 2006

real time with property class

4:32pm - Why is the professor rewriting Remembrance of Things Past on the chalkboard?

4:36pm - Hooray! No class next Thursday or Friday!

4:37pm - Hooray! Class is ending early so that I can start my evening of watching "Gilmore Girls" and figure skating earlier than expected...

4:40pm - Start first game of Spider Solitaire

4:41pm - Professor asks what's new in the fashion world to prove a point about novelty in patent law. DM bites tongue, not wanting to tell professor that "what's new" is the same crap that most people wore twenty years ago.

4:44pm - Huh. Apparently, 'deconstruction' is a fancy word for 'break something down'. I wonder if Posh Spice knows that.

4:48pm - I wonder how the GemMagic got a patent, because it's really just the Bedazzler with a stand.

4:52pm - The professor informs the class that the word 'bar' has multiple meanings. Make mental note to look that up when I get home.

4:54pm - Why is the professor looking at me?

4:59pm - Professor starts pointing to Remembrance of Things Past on chalkboard. I realize that, from the top of Kilimanjaro, I can't read anything he's written. Squint. Realize that his handwriting is crap, and that a handout on this mess would have been a lot more useful.

5:02pm - Look up how to spell "Kilimanjaro".

5:03pm - What do I want for dinner?

5:03pm - Are we done yet?

5:04pm - My eye resumes twitching.

5:07pm - Student: "I don't understand what you're asking me."
Professor: "I don't know what I asked you."

5:08pm - "Leaving early" better mean that we get to leave more than 5 minutes early.

5:09pm - If a patent is issued in the woods and no one knows about it, does anyone care?

5:11pm - I need a taco.

5:15pm - Yo, chick in the back of the classroom? The professor is deaf. You need to learn to speak up. I can barely hear you, and I'm sitting two seats away.

5:16pm - Jesus, my laptop fan is loud.

5:18pm - Did the professor actually say that we get to leave early today, or am I on glue?

5:19pm - Ooh! He just said "finally"! Thank Jeebus, there's an end to this nonsense in sight.

5:23pm - Panic about being "on call" tomorrow.

5:24pm - Shoot evil glare in direction of Question Asker #2, since I thought that "any questions" at the end of a lecture was a rhetorical question.

5:25pm - Yep. "Leaving early" means 5 minutes early.


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