Thursday, February 09, 2006

i really really really wanna zig-a-zig-ah

Our Property professor decided to spend the last twenty minutes of class talking about some e-mails from students that he received this afternoon. Fifteen of those minutes were spent discussing an e-mail in which a student asked the professor to define a word he used in yesterday's lecture. That word?


That's right. Posh. No fancy legal terminology here. Posh. We spent fifteen minutes discussing the origins of the word, the different meanings of the word...basically, anything that could normally be found in a dictionary.

This leads me to believe that law school doesn't require any education past the fourth grade. Or common sense. WHO DOES THAT? Who e-mails a professor to ask for a definition? What twenty-something person doesn't know how to either use or a basic, run-of-the-mill paper dictionary? The only justification I can figure is that this particular person wanted to see if they could get the professor on a tangent...I mean, that's great in a 9:30am class. A 4:30pm class, on the other hand, should follow the Band-Aid logic: get it over with as quickly as possible, scream in agony for a second, and then you don't have to think about it again. If it wasn't for this MENSA reject, we would've left class about 10 minutes early.

I was five seconds away from raising my hand from the top of the Matterhorn to ask the class if they remembered Posh Spice, and to draw an inference from that. I mean, if Victoria freakin' Beckham knows the definition of the word and you don't, then you probably shouldn't be more than five minutes away from at least one doctor in a white lab coat at any given time.


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous tiredandwired said...

It's "apocryphal." At least, that's what wikipedia says about PropertyProfessorPeopleEater's explanation of the origin of the word "posh." And Port Out Starboard Home has nothing to do with the "awesomeness of seeing land," according to our sea-faring classmate, but with the fact that that side of the boat was shaded from the sun on a certain British sea route. Posh is, always was, dandy. I was born and bred Catholic, so it's hard for me to understand the sheer shameless state one would have to be in to request that PropertyProfessorPeopleEater define a word as simple as posh. Perhaps today I'll say "Yeah, well, the problem was fascinating, but I struggled with a word, spelled T-H-E." Can you define that, PropertyProfessorPeopleEater?

At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just something about property profs. My crazy prop. prof. was talking about dividing marital property, etc and she goes: "well, if the wife messes up, she's not getting any...."
then a few seconds later she added "alimony that is."


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