Monday, February 06, 2006

disco stu knows his place

Sister: [Chick she graduated high school with] is getting married next October.
Me: To who?
Sister: "To whom?" would have been the proper way to phrase that question.
Me: Bite me, Cap'n Grammar.

Me: (whining) My shoes are a size too big...I look like I'm a little kid wearing Mommy's shoes!

Apparently, my feet weren't too happy wearing my cute shoes (that really are about 1/2 a size too big) today. Even though I'd been sitting down for the majority of the day, they still stung pretty badly by the time I got off the bus. marked the second time since I've been in Madison that I've walked home barefoot.

Now the fact that I haven't been able to shake this cold makes's not because D keeps spreading his syphilis germs around the law school. It's actually because I can't seem to equate "below freezing" with "wearing shoes" in my mind.


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