Wednesday, February 01, 2006

under a blood red sky

If I'm too tired to stay awake in class, should I even bother attending? I mean, my brain is doing that really fun "swimming through mud" sort of thing...and people are kind of looking at me funny today. I'm hoping that it's the "don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't even acknowledge that I exist" look that I have on my face because of this stupid cold and the residual exhaustion, and not the new haircut.

I need more coffee, but my bank account doesn't need for me to increase my addiction to two cups of StarCrack a day. Lunch would be nice, too...but I wasn't able to pencil that into my schedule because of this stupid LR&W project. Ooh. What about a nap?! That would solve all of my problems, which means it's the least likely of all three to ever happen.

So I'm back to instituting a plague on the house of the person who gave me this cold.


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