Friday, January 27, 2006

i'm not the only one

TortCaesar had an encounter with a set of conjoined twins yesterday. I'd like to think we're talking about the same people. Because if we're not, that means that there are many, many people at UW who would be completely incapable of surviving if they aren't sitting next to one particular person every minute they're in class. And that makes me wonder if we shouldn't start holding memorial services for every 1L's individuality and self-sufficiency.

Unless my earlier post about Bobbie Jo and her hetero life-mate gave other people ideas to start pulling the same immature crap. Or the lack of a seating chart makes people think they have the right to sit anywhere they want - including a seat that's already occupied - because they have some sort of pre-possessory interest in that seat because their life partner is in the adjoining seat. Or it's just anarchy, and without any structure, the weak have to follow the less-weak (and, again, can't survive unless they sit next to a stronger human life form).

They are sheep. (Unlike me, of course - I am a pilgrim, and Bono is my leader.)


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