Monday, January 23, 2006

manic monday

The day in review:

"Did you really do that to a farm animal?" - Crim Pro professor, on whether lawyers should ask clients if they are guilty

"I wouldn't come as often as I do if I didn't have to teach the class." - Property professor, on attending class

The gunners need to shut up. Yesterday. We had to listen to you all last semester in Contracts...haven't you had your fill of being the center of attention already? Or do you feel some deep psychological need to make everyone feel inferior to your ability to make the answers sound so obvious? No one likes a show off...particularly one whose answers contain an intonation that, under most circumstances, would suggest the presence of a "duh" somewhere in the response.

I spent half of the day watching the Valley Girls e-mail each other in class, while sitting next to each other...with AIM up. Now, I'm a huge proponent of AIM during class, but e-mail? That's a lot of effort when you have to keep refreshing your WiscMail java applet (trust me - e-mail is much easier to manage with Outlook '03). And besides, you're together all the time - can't the conversation take a 45-minute hiatus while you, I don't know, sit there, shop for Chihuahuas online*, and pretend to look interested?

Sadly, Bobbie Jo Sororiskank didn't get to the class where there is no seating chart early enough to get a seat next to her hetero law school mate. On the bright side, it became evident that, while they are conjoined, the two bodies each have unique nervous and circulatory systems, thus proving that they can be surgically separated without major repercussions.

*Chihuahuas are soooooo last season. Monkeys are the celebutante pet of choice. Didn't you catch that on one of your pop culture blogs?


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