Thursday, January 19, 2006

did you see the cute boots?

My Property professor may be the most awesome professor alive, as he just asked the class what the problem is with having a shoe fetish.

I've decided that the main benefit to wearing the cute, tall boots today was the fact that they don't rub up against the penny-sized blister on my heel. Apparently, there is a benefit to not going to the gym - you don't spend an hour running with your sneakers rubbing against your heels; therefore, you don't end up with a massive blister that opens up in the middle of the day and makes it impossible for you to walk anywhere. But at least I'm going to the gym (7am, every day!), and the wonderful world of sleeping pills is getting me to bed at a decent hour...but I'm still exhausted, and I've only been in class a week.

I'm actually (most likely) going to skip going out tonight just because I'm so tired. When did I become this old and lame?

Or maybe I'm only this tired because I had to sit through Citation class. Someone should e-mail the Department of Homeland Security and tell them that broadcasting Citation class on al-Jazeera would be so effective as a form of torture that we'd find every terrorist alive within a week. And - bonus - the torture wouldn't involve bloodshed...unless ears start bleeding when someone drones on and on about the Bluebook.

Huh? What's that? You say we don't torture people because it violates UN policy? the way, can you ask your head to send me a postcard from the inside of your rectum?

Side note: we need to get grades soon, because I'm tired of listening to the same people in all of my classes who (probably mistakenly) believe that they're the smartest person here.


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