Wednesday, January 18, 2006

somewhere out there, a village is missing it's idiot

That idiot just happens to be in my Criminal Procedure class, and wrote the following in her notes today:

"[Professor] doesn't pay attention to attendance, participation."

Is it just me, but shouldn't that be one of those things that you store in the back of your mind for when you need to find comfort in the fact that you're three days behind in your reading or are too exhausted to show up to your 1:30pm first-class-of-the-day? Do you really need to waste the keystrokes? Typing does not count as cardio, people, so there's no reason to expend the energy that you should be storing up for when you really need it. And don't come complaining to me when you develop carpal-tunnel syndrome before the end of the semester. Because I will be the one pointing and laughing at you and your idiotic notes.

And finally, some words to live by, courtesy of my Crim Pro professor: "Don't get your license suspended until you paid all your loans back."


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