Monday, January 09, 2006

straight outta suffolk*

Marcus Vick is a great role model, especially if you're a kid who wants to get booted off of Division I-A football teams when you grow up. Since he's the more talented of the Vick brothers, I can see some team drafting him anyway. So I've got a Hamilton that says that he'll end up playing for the Oakland Raiders (the NFL's version of juvy) with the rest of the head cases.

And while we're putting money on college athletes, who wants to bet that Matt Leinart will end up going the way of Gino Torretta?

*It's pronounced sorta like "suffik". Just like Norfolk is pronounced "norfik". I can't tell you how badly I wanted to strangle some woman in the DFW airport for pronouncing it noRfoLk, with emphasis on the R and the L. That L doesn't exist. Deal with it.


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