Saturday, December 31, 2005

every rose has its horns*

My right arm has fallen asleep twice whilst browsing the internet reading other law blogs. Can you get deep vein thrombosis in your arms, or is that just something you get when you're on airplanes?

I'll be able to answer that when I wake up tomorrow to discover that my arm fell off overnight.

Meanwhile, I've done nothing for the last, oh, 8 hours except watch VH1's "America's Next Top Model" cycle 1 and 4 marathons. I'm very disappointed at the lack of Miss J. Alexander - next season, I'd like to see both him and Janice Dickinson on the panel so that they can have a diva-off.

Yes, Miss J. is a man. And you know what? She's fabulous.

Oh, and ABC Family? Can ya make with the "Gilmore Girls" marathon while I'm still on vacay? I'd like to not have another excuse (aside from sunshine, warm weather, and Cubs baseball) to not study for exams come springtime...mmmkay?**

*And before you say anything, that's a slogan on a UT Rose Bowl t-shirt. Trust me: I own a copy of both Monster Ballads and Monsters of Rock - I know my Poison lyrics.
**Who am I kidding? I'll stop procrastinating the day the Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl.


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