Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the eyes of texas are upon you

So I've decided what I want for Christmas next year. Since it's $27.99 plus S+H, you won't break the bank - it's a little over 2 bucks a month. And - bonus - it'll give me something to throw against the wall in any exam-related fits of aggression!

That should probably be one of my New Year's resolutions - to find ways to let out my aggression so that I'm not so irritated all of the time. I'd resolve to be nicer to people, but (1) baby steps, and (2) being nicer entails not pointing and laughing at them so much, and where's the fun in that? I'd also resolve to wake up before 11:30, which I haven't done since I arrived in Texas, but I'll work on that when classes start again. (Would it look bad for me to stroll into my 11:00 class looking exhausted and toting Starbucks every day? No? Good.)

Oh, and I have good news for a change! As shocking as that is in and of itself, rest assured that it's not good news of an important nature - not like I got a summer job or a grade above a B- in my classes or anything really good that only the truly deserving people (i.e., the people who actually did homework instead of blowing off the library for a U2 concert*) receive. No, we here at Negligent Use are all about the "Totally Irrelevant to Anything Seemingly Intelligent or Relevant to Society"...and in that spirit, I'd like to announce that I came in first place in my dad's fantasy football league.

Yep, that's me - the Ryan Leaf Fan Club (formerly "Peyton Still Sucks", in honor of last year's team, "Peyton Manning Sucks"...my brain doesn't have many tracks here). I had to pick up about half a dozen players to do it (starting quarterback Jim Sorgi, anyone?) but I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment. Again - baby steps. I hesitate to say it, but I think things are looking up.

And on that note - back to my "Gilmore Girls" DVD sets.** (Yes, that's plural.)

*Bono. Front row. We've been over this a hundred times, people. Priorities.
**I'm also going to work on making this blog about more than what I'm watching on TV at the moment...I can't help it, though - I watch way too much TV for any regular human being, much less one trying to succeed in law school.


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