Monday, January 09, 2006

you can't go home again...can you?

The greatest compliment I received while in Richmond was this one: "You haven't changed a bit." (Which is great, because that means that law school hasn't sucked my soul away...but if I feel soulless, and I haven't changed, did that mean that I lost my soul long ago, and am just now realizing it? Either way, I have no soul, but people don't seem to mind.)

But things are Maybe it's the fact that even though we've all kept in touch, everyone has new friends and new experiences. There are some friends that you can speak to sporadically for five months and then fall back into conversation with as if you never left...and then there are those friends that are so entrenched in their new lives and new acquaintances that they "have better things to do". There's a good one for the ego: one of your supposed best friends would rather spend time talking to a chick he met in an AOL chat room a week ago than you. (Of course, you telling him that chicks who prowl AOL dating-specific chat rooms looking for men are either (a) too ugly for the bar scene, or (b) fifteen* couldn't have helped either.)

Bah. At the very least, there's a chance that I may have gotten a summer job out of the trip. I hope I get this job, mostly because I already have the required wardrobe (no suit shopping for one more summer - hooray!).

Now that I'm back in Madison, I've made it my goal to watch the first 5 seasons of "Gilmore Girls" on DVD. I'm halfway through season 1, with 7 days to go before classes start. I figure accomplishing something small like this will translate into bigger accomplishments later on. Or something like that.

*I did forget to mention to him that he has the burden of discovering that she really is 22, as she claims to be, since mistake is not a defense when it comes to the age of a minor. See? I did learn things while playing Space Invaders in class.


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