Wednesday, January 04, 2006

hook 'em horns

Sadly, today was my last day in the 80 degree heat of Austin, Texas, where I've looked out the window (even dared to venture outside on occasion) and praised Jeebus for me not being stuck in Madison freezing my derrière off. No more Mexican food, no more waking up at 1, no more not getting up off of the couch because I'm too busy watching "Gilmore Girls" and "General Hospital". And worse - I just realized that this marks the halfway point in Chrismakwanzukkah break. I don't know what I'm dreading more - the return to the monotony that is classes, or the eventual posting of last semester's grades. (shudder)

But, the good news is that the vacay isn't over yet. I'm off to former River City home (Richmond, for those of you who come from other cities that refer to themselves as the "River City"). It'll be colder, but I get to see the friends that I've missed terribly since August 12th when I started packing up the U-Haul (I'm looking at you, Kim, Kathy, and Lauren). There'll be shopping and hockey games and eating my way through the Bottom* and friends and laughing and flowers and puppies and rainbows. It'll be great.**

Oh, and let's not forget about the part where I go back to my old firm and get down on my knees in my old boss's office and beg for a job for the summer. (I'd post pictures, but I don't think I could talk anyone into taking them for me.)

I'm off like a dirty shirt.

And I almost forgot - hook 'em horns. I'll be the one in Stoolies with the UT shirt on cheering like crazy when you prove once and for all that Reggie Bush is nothin' but hype.

*As disgusting as that sounds, "The Bottom" is Richmond's historic Shockoe Bottom district, which housed tobacco warehouses, etc. in the 19th century...and which flooded in August '04 and sent my poor car to a watery demise. I'm particularly fond of Bottom's Up, which is probably the best pizza within 100 miles, and which didn't re-open until the weekend after I left.
**Okay, the flowers and rainbows may be a *slight* exaggeration. Richmond is dreary in January.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger urart02 said...

What?! No mention of seeing Brian? Things have changed greatly over the past few months...


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