Sunday, January 15, 2006

methinks oingo boingo willst soon makest an appearance

I nearly had a heart attack when I opened up my box of Cocoa Krispies tonight. There, sitting on top of the sealed bag of Krispies was a small, also-sealed bag containing the toy advertised on the front of the box.

What is this world coming to? Do people not realize that all of the fun of getting the cereal with the toy in it is the digging through the cereal to find the toy stashed at the bottom?!?! These toys generally aren't small enough to get lost among the Frosted Flakes, and I personally would like to see the kid that's able to swallow a Matchbox car. So what gives? I want to practice my Indiana Jones-esque digging skills while I enjoy my cereal, and I'd feel kinda stupid unwrapping the toy and dropping it in the cereal box so that I can dig for it at a later time.

Oh well. Back to not cleaning...and not sleeping before 6am. (I so wish I was kidding about that last part.)


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