Saturday, January 14, 2006

you cannot keep a room full of anglo-saxons waiting this long for cake

I was busy eating all of the junk-esque food in my house, and I had to stop and wonder why I was eating so much. I mean, school hasn't started yet, so it can't be stress eating...unless I was stressing about the fact that I'm going to be stressing soon, and performing some sort of preemptive strike with my nachos made from Baked Tostitos. And then, it hit me. I'm filling a void in my life by filling the void in my tummy.

What void is that, you ask?

The void that was caused when I realized that the Patriots were going to lose to the Broncos. The last day of football season is always a sad, sad day in my world...especially when that last day isn't the day after a Super Bowl win. There's always next year.

In the middle of my second bowl of popcorn today, I realized: the last time the Patriots didn't win the Super Bowl was the year that the Cubbies went to the playoffs (and would've gone to the Series if it wasn't for Steve Bartman...YES I'm still bitter...YES I blame him...NO I will not get over it). And suddenly, the silver lining became apparent. THIS year is the Cubs' year.

And so, my life will begin again 79 days from now. Hopefully, I'll be at Wrigley to enjoy the home opener in 83 days. Now back to watching Luke and Lorelai break up.


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