Monday, January 16, 2006

seals and croft rock harder than this

My #1 goal in life: to have enough money to be able to afford a maid. And a TiVo. But first I want the maid.

Why? Because cleaning is not rock and roll. In fact, it sucks wicked hardcore. It's taken me three hours to put away almost all of the Christmas decorations, rearrange my bookcase, rearrange the furniture so that I can have a "desk", and get rid of the piles of junk on my living room floor. I still have to clean my kitchen and bedroom...and we're not even going to deal with the patio, because (1) it's cold, and (2) it's my own personal landfill.

And now the fact that my wall art doesn't align perfectly with my couch is driving me batty. I'm getting the hammer out and fixing it (yes, now - it's not like I sleep...ever...), because I'm anal-retentive and I can't have stuff that isn't perfectly hung on my wall.


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