Wednesday, January 18, 2006

is this seat taken?

Part of the beauty of law school is the ritual of choosing your "assigned" seat for the semester. The funny part of this ritual is that people will actually show up to class half an hour early just to make sure that they get that "prime" seat in the front of the classroom (the irony, of course, is that the professor in question often only picks on those people in the front of the room). The irritating part is that people feel compelled to sit by their friends, even if someone got there first.

So I come to class and choose a seat with one seat in between myself and each of the people on either side of me. And then I move because the chick on one side keeps looking at what I'm doing on the computer. So I've got one seat in between me and someone I remotely know. And then some other chick decides that she and her friend need me to move so that they can sit by this person. At this point, I'm freakin' irritated. We're all adults. We don't need to sit next to someone we know in every class. That's what Instant Messenger is for. There are blocks of two seats scattered throughout the room...but yet, I still have to move so that Bobbie Jo Sororiskank* can sit next to someone she knows.

And end up once again sitting one seat away from the chick I was desperately trying to avoid with move #1. I quit.

*Names have been changed to protect the irritating.


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