Wednesday, January 25, 2006

waiting for wednesday

"I think that's what they do on TV…" ~student's justification for choosing a particular course of action in criminal procedure.

"I think a good rule of thumb is: at the end of the day, if somebody's gotta go to jail, let it not be you....If you've got to lie, do it sincerely…like when you tell your mother-in-law, 'Nice to see you'." ~criminal procedure professor, on whether you or your client should lie to the judge.

What do you do when you happen to see two girls from your Legal Research and Writing class completing their citation assignment together? Not just both sitting at the same table doing the same assignment, but actually sharing the Bluebook and asking each other questions, which I believe is some form of academic misconduct... Or is my judgment just clouded by the fact that I think these girls pretty much suck at life?

I'm unhappy to report that my Starbucks gift card only has enough on it for one more cup of coffee. That means that I drink so much StarCrack that I went through $25 in about a week. (This may be adding to my annoyance with the VG sharing their answers on an assignment.)

Apparently, my discussion assignment for Property tomorrow involves re-reading parts of the UCC...which means that Contracts has returned to haunt me. I thought I was out, but it's pulling me back in. Excuse me while I have a heart attack.


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