Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ruby tuesday

Valley Girls go to Law School: I get to class today and am setting up my stuff, and am immediately distracted by giggling around me. I look over, and the VG are shopping for sex toys in the middle of the room.

I'm having the hardest time fighting the urge to tap the person in front of me on the shoulder while she's shopping in class and tell her that the shoes she's looking at are the second-ugliest pair of shoes I've ever seen in my life. (The absolute ugliest being the bridesmaid's shoes with the ginormous bows and clear, plastic heels that someone tried to get me to wear.)

The lights are out in the back half of the classroom (where I sit). The professor got an A-V geek in here at the beginning of class, but apparently he couldn't figure out which switch controls the lights in the back half of the classroom. (Apparently, it was too difficult for the professor who turned the lights off to turn them back on again for the next class.) In the last 45 minutes, I have developed a serious headache from straining to read (a) my notes, (b) my book, and (c) my computer screen. And now I can't see straight.

Question: if you're sitting there talking smack about someone you're supposed to be friends with for over 45 minutes and refer to this person as "such a third grader", does that make you more or less mature than the average third grader? Because it definitely makes you less mature than the average law school student.


At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang. You must so sit near me.

On the good side, it was so dark he couldn't tell if we were sleeping.


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