Wednesday, January 25, 2006

better advice than dr. phil

I've decided that the best time to find out that the skirt you're wearing is (a) extremely staticky, (b) in desperate need of an ironing, and (c) torn on one of the seams is while you're walking to class, and it's too late to go home and change.

(The sad thing about the tear is that, once I found it on the way to school, I realized that I made a mental note to break out the sewing kit and fix it the last time I wore this...which was sometime in NOVEMBER. And there was another mental note to get my mother to mend it while I had the skirt in Texas at Christmas as part of my year-end laundry extravaganza.)

Likewise, I have discovered that five minutes before class is the best time to realize that you have forgotten to (a) eat lunch before leaving home, and (b) prepare a lunch to eat between classes.

Law Aid update: Phil Collins has agreed to play, and will be singing "Sussudio" (a.k.a. one of the worst songs ever written).


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