Thursday, January 26, 2006

thursday's child*

Now that I've gotten that mini-deep thought out of my system, on with the show.

JUST ADDED: Rick Springfield has agreed to take a break from his return to "General Hospital" to sing "Jessie's Girl" at Law Aid. Bryan Adams is currently in talks to play; however, our people are insisting that he lose some of the "creepy" that he's acquired ever since that whole "The Only Thing that Looks Good on Me is You" debacle.

"I don't think it's easy. I think it's annoying. But it's the law" ~property professor, on the UCC.

The irony about being "on call" in today's Property class is that the only questions I answered were pertaining to the UCC. And I felt like I understood the UCC fairly well, and was able to read the section in our materials and apply it to the case at hand before the professor went through it with the class step-by-step because he didn't think we'd understand it. So that means that I finally understand something pertaining to Contracts class...a full month after my Contracts exam.**

The saga of the VG continues, as they were sitting in class today straight-up bragging about how they copied some guy's Citation homework because it was "too hard" for them to do on their own, and they had more important things to talk highlights. It's sickening. And kind of sad, when you think about how little respect you have to have for yourself and your work product has to be in order for you to actually sit there and feel good about being graded on something that's not your own. (The funny part, of course, is that I spotted a few errors when they were handing the assignment in. I love karma.)

Then again, this is law school - maybe I should've checked my morals at the door when I gave up my soul for "safe-keeping".

*This is the only song title I could find with the word "Thursday" in the title. Thank God for David Bowie.
**This reminds me of how I failed shoe-tying in Kindergarten. (Yes, I got a "U" in shoe-tying for the year...I'm not too quick, okay? I still can't shuffle a deck of cards either, so back off.) I kept practicing and practicing all year and couldn't get it. Finally, the week after school let out and report cards came home, I figured it out. I mean, better late than never...but if we follow this pattern, it doesn't bode well for my Contracts grade.


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