Sunday, January 29, 2006

joey gladstone is the spawn of satan

I had been watching Comedy Central's marathon of the best stand-up comedy specials all day...and #3 is some ventriloquist act. I don't know if it's bad memories of watching Dave Coulier try to crack jokes with that Mr. Woodchuck puppet thing or what, but I don't find ventriloquists to be funny. In fact, ventriloquists suck.

Fraggles and Muppets are okay, because the whole point of those shows was not some lame comedian trying to get attention by "talking" to a puppet. Think about it - that guy's only talking to a puppet because no one else wanted to play with him when he was a child, and he never outgrew his loser-ness. (Yes, that's a word.)

The worst part is that I turned the channel, and saw Ryan Seacrest talking to Ray Romano and the not-funny tall guy from that stupid Raymond show...Brad Garrett. Yeah. And then my TV blew up.


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