Friday, February 03, 2006

the unforgettable fire

The easiest way to get on my good side? A "Gilmore Girls" reference...

"You know that episode of 'Gilmore Girls' where Rory ends up on some girl's blog, and she says 'I've entered the blogosphere'? That's how I feel right now..." ~A., on yesterday's quotage (see previous post).

I'm happy to report that, in spite of the dream I had where I got a D, I did not fail Crim. As with my other classes, I did a slightly-above-mediocre job. But it's not failing, so that's all that matters. Sadly, I'm not out of the "You can save 10% on today's purchase if you sign up for a Red Card" woods yet... but I'd like to think that I've left "Would you like fries with that?" behind for good.

My Property professor is wearing a vest that looks like it was stolen from the Brokeback Mountain costume department. And speaking of Brokeback Mountain...if you haven't checked out "Brokeback to the Future" yet, you should do so now. Failure to do so will result in Rule 11 sanctions.

We've now resorted to referring to every person in the cases we're reading as P-1, P-2, True Owner, etc....because my professor believes that it would be too confusing for us to refer to people by their names. If we're in law school, and can't make the connection between [Name in the Case] and [Variable in Diagram on Board] so that we can discuss the case without sounding like we're in a retarded Physics class...I don't know. I've been sitting here for the last fifteen minutes wondering which party in this case is supposed to be P-2 because I have names written down in my notes, and the party that I think is P-2 isn't the party they're talking about.

It's a sad, sad day when I want to pay attention (yes, you read that right) and find that paying attention makes me want to set my head on fire - because that makes more sense than Property class does right now. Plus, this one kid who feels the need to pick his nose in front of the whole class has been talking for the better part of the last half an hour...and I really don't care which of two conflicting opinions BoogerBoy believes is more legally sound. I mean, really...I got off the couch (and skipped the 4:00 "Gilmore Girls") for this???


At 7:35 PM, Anonymous ~A said...

When ~J saw the vest he said to me, "Do you think property prof and fall semester civ pro prof shop at the same safari store?"

At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

god, even after i not so coyly suggested that you blog about me, like say a few times a week i still can't get so much as a damn shout out! WTF. i think i will retaliate by admitting that i have never seen the fucking gilmore girls, but the title sounds lame and i am sure it is the tv equiv of a chick flick. aint it? ps--i have a slight drinking problem that infects me with the "rage" virus made famous in 28 days later, so any ranting that comes your way should be taken with a grain of salt, a wedge of lime and tequilla.


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