Thursday, February 02, 2006

the joshua tree

"It's amazing what I miss while I'm playing solitaire" ~A, on the Civ Pro prof's drawings on the board...

I've decided that my new favorite game in Civ Pro II is "Name That Shape" - the game where we guess what objects the professor's drawings on the board look like. I've found that this helps break up the monotony that is Spider Solitaire and instant messaging. For example, the other day, the professor drew New York state, except it looked like a part of the colon (Like the duodenum. Or something. I forgot everything I learned in Baby Bio the day after the exam.) Today we had (intended drawing = actual drawing):

Taiwan and Japan = Chipotle and Jalapeno peppers, respectively
A wheel = Trivial Pursuit game pie (not really a stretch there)
California = the lead pipe from Clue
Michigan = Mr. Peanut (until it tripled in size by apparently invading Canada)

Otherwise, if it weren't for Spider and NTS, I'd be sleeping through every class because of this stupid cold. I imagine it'll probably work it's way out of my system sometime around Easter...which basically means that all of my learning this semester is going to be based entirely on what I read on my own. And since I value my sitting-around time so much...yeah. Would you like fries with that?


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