Tuesday, February 07, 2006

starbucks: customer service geniuses or big fat enablers?

So I walk into the Starbucks on State Street this morning. The barista looks at me, reaches for a grande-sized cup, and starts squirting some syrups into the cup. I get up to the register and order my daily grande sugar-free hazelnut nonfat no-whip mocha. The dude at the register turns to the barista and repeats my order...and she says she's already making it. Already making it? I smile. That means that, in a Starbucks where hundreds of Madtowners flock every day...I am known. I have arrived. I am officially awesome.

Or I'm officially an addict.

This happened to me once before, back in Richmond, when I worked at a grocery store that was next to a freakin' Starbucks. Back then, I decided to change my order, because I didn't want to be that girl...the one who drank so much liquid crack that the baristas recognized her as soon as she entered the store.

But now...it's nice to have one less decision to make in the morning. I'm a simple person. I don't like change (much), and I'm not going to go changing my drink any time soon. So why not embrace it and say, "Thanks for making me feel like I have a place when I feel so out-of-place the remaining 23 hours and 50 minutes of my day"?

And, of course, "Thank you for enabling my habit".


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