Sunday, February 12, 2006

whole lotta pairs figure skating

I was sitting in bed watching the Olympics at around 2 this morning, when I see one of the Chinese pairs skating teams take the ice. I thought they skated about as well as Todd Bridges on Skating with Celebrities. The judges placed them ahead of the other two seemingly-mediocre Chinese teams and the American team that had just completed a jump that had never been landed in the Olympics. And I'm sitting there asking myself what about their shoddy program was so great.

Then I realize: they skated to a symphonic version of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir". I'll admit it - if I were a judge, I would've nudged their scores up a little bit just because they skated to Zeppelin. You can't hate on people who take classic rock and disguise it enough so that it blends in with the "Bolero"s and the "Romeo and Juliet"s.

Now I really want to know what happens if you synch up a skating program with "Dark Side of the Moon".


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