Wednesday, February 15, 2006

if my critics don't like it, they can just eat it

That quote is one of the many reasons why I love American figure skater Johnny Weir, in all of his fabulousness. Plus, putting that post title up is much nicer than, "I got raped in Property today". Which is a fairly accurate description of today's on-call experience.

Essentially, my professor is a crotchety old man who thinks he's being funny when he cuts us off while we're trying to answer his questions, generally to make fun of us. I was trying to define "injunction" when he said that word sounded like "the thing that they put your head and arms through in the middle of the town square" (stocks, for anyone with a brain). And of course, the whole class laughs - because it's funny when it's someone else who's out there with no life vest.

You would think that he would've known that I really had nothing intelligent to say when he asked me for the fifth time what the holding of the case was, and I repeated for the fifth time what I said with the disclaimer, "Well, this is what I got out of the reading." And then I broke a nail, which multiplied my distress tenfold.

In the end, it turned out that pretty much on point...I just wasn't giving the answer he wanted at the time, and I'm guessing that he was trying to make me feel like an idiot so that I'd give the right one (because I can't figure out a good excuse for his douchebaggery). But at least I had friends IMing me funny websites to keep me from climbing down from the peak of Everest to claw the professor's eyes out.

I hate law school...mostly because any time I open my mouth, I have that nagging "I'm really not cut out for this" feeling. I should've been a pirate, or something equally sweet, instead.


At 10:35 AM, Blogger daladies said...

G, everyone feels that way, the "I don't really belong here feeling" way. You DO belong here.

And just so you know, the people in my row weren't laughing. His antics aren't funny.


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