Friday, February 24, 2006

all the fun of the DMV without the joy of screaming children

Such is the "Virtual Waiting Room" that awaits ticket buyers on Single-game tickets went on sale this morning, and in an *attempt* to be fair, the webmasters designed a "Virtual Waiting Room", where you could queue up with everyone else looking for tickets.

The catch? Unlike the first-come, first-serve wonder that awaits customers, the Cubs instead selected people randomly from the VWR. So if you signed on at 9:30 when the room first opened (like me), you could still be sitting there at 12:00 waiting for them to let you buy tickets. If this were a normal ticket vending operation, I would've had my tickets for the home opener about an hour and a half ago. Now, the home opener is sold out...and my only option for that date is to go bid $70 for two (otherwise $17) nosebleeds on eBay. Time to start a two-pronged attack in order to get one - just one - ticket for the Saturday game.

I just want to watch some baseball - is that too much to ask???

UPDATE: Apparently yes, it is too much to ask. After waiting four long hours in the VWR, the April 8th game sold out as well. So here I sit without tickets for the Cubs home opener...and my baseball watching fun will have to wait until the last weekend in April.


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about the Brewers down in good old Milwaukee? They're just around the corner and I'm sure they won't sell out.


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