Tuesday, February 28, 2006

this is why i stick to solitaire in class

Today was my third day of having to fear the "on-call" monster in Civ Pro. Meanwhile, most of the people had been keeping up with the syllabus, completing the assignments for each day since we never know when the professor's going to magically speed up and catch up. Unfortunately, a lot of those people didn't find out until we got here today that the assignment we were supposed to do for today is actually due on Thursday. This assignment includes the "Erie" problem (i.e., when do state laws apply to a case in federal court).

That said, I would like to present my reason for being thankful for blind grading...

Prof: [DM], can you respond to Defendant's argument that supplemental jurisdiction would not apply in this case?
DM: I think this would be more of an Erie problem than a "complex issue of state law" problem (under 28 USC 1367(c)).
Prof: What do you mean by Erie problem?
DM: I mean what we were supposed to be talking about today…


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