Monday, March 20, 2006

never bet on a big ten team to win a basketball game when death is on the line

Yes, Ohio State, I'm looking at you. Thanks for ruining that quarter of my bracket.

After doing nothing but laying on the couch and watching TV for the last twelve days, I've decided that I may start breaking things the next time I see that Wendy's "Sensational Salads" commercial with the worse-than-a-soap-opera-actress spokesmodel. The more I see that commercial, the less I want to eat Wendy's salads - in fact, I may sue Wendy's for the extreme emotional pain and suffering that commercial has caused me over the last few days. They owe me that much.

On that note...spring break's over. I finished the brief that is due at 3:00 this afternoon about an hour and a half ago. Two copies are printed and ready to be carried on the plane back to Madison with me. Keep your fingers crossed that I won't have more than an hour and a half's worth of delays tomorrow, and that I'll make it to school on time to get rid of this blasted thing.


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