Friday, March 31, 2006

aluminum foil makes a lovely hat

At the beginning of the semester, I kept telling myself that it would all get better once I was able to pick my own classes and learn stuff I "care" about (outside of the rest of the Diploma Privilege requirements). I know that my greatest weakness is not paying attention in class - and my ability/desire to pay attention is directly proportional to my interest in the subject matter - so the more classes I take that I *want* to take, the better.

Apparently, the law school is conspiring against my quest to actually not hate school (and do well in classes that I want to take) by forcing me into the last registration group possible. This means that I get my choice of whatever classes are left over after all of the rising-2Ls and 3Ls have picked over everything. It's like trying to go buy the week's featured fruit item at the grocery store on the last day of the sale, and the only thing that's left are two bunches of overripe bananas, a couple of badly-bruised apples, and some moldy grapes
(otherwise known as the 7:50am classes and those classes that conflict with either "Gilmore Girls" or "America's Next Top Model").

Granted, I could find something that's worth taking once everyone else in the school has made their choices. At the very least, though, I'll have another semester's worth of stuff to complain about.



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