Tuesday, April 11, 2006

two hours

That's how long ago I should've gone to bed. Blasted computer problems.

That's also how long that my Property professor (a.k.a. the death-eater) says that we should spend preparing for every hour of class. (At least, he adds.) After he said this, a wave of amusement swept over the class, since most of us only spend about 45 minutes reading the eight pages we're assigned per night.

But then I thought about it on the way home, and realized that Property homework really does take about two hours per night:

30 minutes: staring at (closed) book on floor while watching TV, mentally preparing self for the eight pages of reading that needs to be done.

2 minutes: snack break

2 minutes: flipping channels for something new to watch

1 minute: opening assignment book to figure out what pages need to be read.

15 minutes: reading and taking notes on first case

10 minutes: stopping to watch the end of the show that's on TV.

2 minutes: bathroom break

2 minutes: flipping channels again

5 minutes: deciding whether or not to get swept up in selected show

3 minutes: read a little more during commercial break

20 minutes: watching show (and, if you're like me and watching CSI: Miami, laughing at David Caruso's annoying soundbites and stupid sunglasses)

1 minute: stare at open book on floor

15 minutes: bite the bullet and read a little more

5 minutes: watch end of show on TV

2 minutes: glance back at book and read a few lines

1 minute: watch the previews for next week's episode of selected show

3 minutes: flip channels while staring at the still-open book

1 minute: decide that you have plenty of time to read before class the next day. shut book and go back to watching TV.

And lastly, two hours is the amount of time it takes to read this ridiculously long post.


At 2:05 PM, Blogger daladies said...

You forgot the 35 minutes I devote to playing a few games of solitare, surfing the net, and blogging about how my friends need to blog so that I have something to waste time and take away from reading Property. (This method, according my my accounts, will surely grant me an A+ because it is 2:35 minutes just on Property every night).

At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your bathroom breaks are tooo short, take some time off, grab the New Republic, turn up the bass, and get down. too much fiber in your diet NUDM, too much fiber makes for too quick of shits in my book. Yes sir. best part of waking up, is folgers in your...


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